Fisker Partnership

Fisker Inc. partners with Warriors International (WIN)

Boston-based esports organization, Warriors International (WIN), and Fisker Inc. reached a partnership agreement on December 14, 2019 – the two companies will join efforts in promoting the brand’s exciting new electric vehicle to esports fans in North America.

At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Fisker Inc. unveiled the all-electric luxury SUV to the world. The luxury EV manufacturer won numerous accolades at CES including TIME Magazine, Mashable, Sunset, Business Insider, CNET to Digital Trends top show honors, to name a few. The Fisker Ocean vehicle will start being produced in 2021 and it is currently available for reservation with a $250 (U.S.) fee via the Fisker Flexee app on iOS and Android – as well as through the Fisker website,  iOS,  and Android.  

Stage 1 Venture’s Managing Partner David Baum said, “With Fisker positioned as the world’s first all-digital car company, both Fisker Inc. and WIN feel that the emerging esports space provides a great way to introduce a new, digital-savvy audience to ‘the World’s Most Sustainable Vehicle, the Fisker Ocean, and are excited to expand their audiences and customer base together in North America.” 

WIN is spearheaded by Stage 1 Ventures, has now expanded into several esports titles including Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), FIFA, Smash and Fortnite. The organization is also quickly adding content creators to further increase its presence both online and on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. 

The Fisker Ocean is currently available for reservation for a $250 fee via the Fisker Flexee app on iOS and Android – as well as through the Fisker website.

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