Joseph Wismont



Joseph “JWismont” Wismont is a North American Rocket League player from the USA. He joined Warriors International with his team on February 4th 2020 following the acquisition of Nefarious. JWismont was the latest to join Nefarious and replaced Leonardo “Turinturo” Wilson after the team’s departure from Full Metal Gaming.

JWismont is the veteran of the squad with RLCS / multiple RLRS seasons of experience under his belt. He played for Incognito, Splyce, and the Charlotte Phoenix. Placing 7th with Incognito in RLRS season 4. 6th and 1st respectively during the RLRS season 5 / 6 with Splyce, winning the promotional playoffs, competing and placing 8th in the RLCS under Splyce. Finally he finished RLRS season 8 placing 3rd and narrowly missing out on making RLCS via the promotional playoffs with the Charlotte Phoenix.

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